Social Enterprise Day – 19th November

This Thursday is Social Enterprise Day – an annual celebration of social enterprise which takes place during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Every year at Social Enterprise UK mark the day by using it as an opportunity to raise the profile of the incredible impact social enterprises are having on communities in the UK and around the world through their #WhoKnew campaign.

What started as a UK focused initiative in 2016 has now grown, with the help of partners around the world, to become a truly global campaign. Last year social enterprises from 35 countries took part, reaching an incredible 7 million people on Twitter!

If you’ve not taken part before it’s a simple online action designed to allow social enterprises to tell their stories and highlight their impact. All you need to do is print off a #WhoKnew poster, write a message about your work, take a picture and then share if on social media using #WhoKnew and #SocialEnterpriseDay. 

Whatever you do, whether you’re a small-start up or a social enterprise delivering services across entire regions this campaign is for you! 

If you’re not a social enterprise there are also still ways to get involved. Why not share stories about your favorite social enterprises or those who you buy from and add your voice to the campaign?

Find out more and get involved!