The Horndon on the Hill Society and Community Forum

The Horndon Society was launched in the early 1970s with conservation of the Village as the main driving force.  The Horndon Community Forum was created in 2006 to provide improvements and amenities in the Parish by working in close partnership with Local Groups and Thurrock Council.

The two groups found a great overlap between their interests and issues and after holding separate meetings for two years, the  groups formally amalgamated at the AGMs in January 2011. It was also, decided that all residents living in the Horndon Boundary would automatically become Forum Members. 

The Horndon Forum, as it is now known, is a very informal group and we hold monthly meetings, currently via Zoom.  We invite, encourage and welcome any resident to our meetings and take the opportunity of becoming fully involved in all matters within the village.

For more information, please contact Chair Kim Towlson, at or keep up to date via the forums Facebook

Horndon is just one of the many community forums across Thurrock.  All forum details can be found on the Stronger Together Directory