Thurrock Carers : Dementia Awareness Week

This week is Dementia Action Week. The pandemic has left many people with Dementia feeling unsettled and confused. Now that we are able to get out we want to make our community as Dementia Friendly as we can so that everyone has a chance to benefit. Are you caring for someone with Dementia? Thurrock Carers Service can help you.

Thurrock carers is a local service that supports unpaid carers throughout Thurrock. 

Throughout the pandemic we have been supporting carers with daily and weekly wellbeing calls, we have added 12 different support groups to the service giving carers a chance to get a break once a week to do something fun, or just talk to other carers in the same position.

We have supported with shopping, medication, assessments, counselling, form filling, and any other needs that may arise.

All our support groups are currently either through Zoom or WhatsApp.

We have had weekly quizzes, singers, competitions and much more, and the compliments we have had throughout, makes it all worthwhile.

“If anyone had told me three months ago that I would be playing virtual quiz games, having family WhatsApp group get together and joining in zoom meetings, I would have been the first to laugh. However, these have become daily or weekly events now for me and a welcomed distraction from not only the madness of what is going on in the world but also the daily challenges I may face at home with my son. But I could not have managed all this without the support of family and friends and many of them are trying new technology themselves too so we are learning together. So don’t sit at home thinking I can’t do zoom meetings cos believe me if I can master the above so can you. So come on take the plunge and join your carer family on the next meeting, we would love to see you there.”



“Since Lockdown we have found our daily phone conversations, really good and helpful. Also the video meetings and the quizzes and music have helped us to lift our spirits in these difficult times. Good work Fleur and the team. Thank You”

 Madeline and David Sparrow


Our groups

Carers – every Thursday at 2pm quizzes games etc

Dementia fortnightly Monday evening at 6pm

MH support group fortnightly Thursday at 1pm

SEN  support fortnightly Friday 10.ooam

Drug & alcohol fortnightly Tuesday 6pm

We also have the following WhatsApp groups, very active and a great support to one another.

Dementia, Mental Health, SEN, Men’s carers, Drug & alcohol, Young adult carers, carers group.


If you need support, or you know someone that does please give us a call 01375 659172 or email

Or pop into the new Hub next to Wilkinson’s in grays town centre on a Tuesday or Thursday.