Updates from Belhus and Ockendon Forum

During the Pandemic last year the Forum were able to receive a grant of £6000 from Essex Community Foundation. This money was to be designated to purchase Kindle machines for the community who were able to access the internet. As Zoom was relatively new to most people the Kindles were then calibrated to obtain library books, audio books, newspapers and magazines and also downloaded with the Zoom app.

Many members of various groups, clubs and individuals took up the offer of the equipment and were able to keep in touch with their friends and families via the Zoom app.

Local organisations such as Thurrock Mind, Thurrock Carers, The Childrens Centre, Ockendon Academy and Thurrock Autistic Society approached the Forum asking for various pieces of equipment such as laptops and books, writing equipment.

Without receiving this grant we would not have been able to purchase any of this equipment to make life easier for those who felt totally isolated during the various lockdowns. We have received many many letters and cards thanking us for the equipment.

The Belhus and Ockendon Community Forum are truly grateful to the Essex Community Foundation for granting this money in order to help the wellbeing of the community.