Anxiety UK supports Carers Week

It’s National Carers Week, Anxiety UK are celebrating by giving all their lovely followers a FREE copy of Caregivers guide to anxiety.

Download your copy here:

Information about the Guide

Written by our CEO Nicky, the guide is the first of its kind in the UK, and offers information and advice to individuals supporting those with an anxiety disorder. It contains practical tips and methods to enable caregivers to provide support in a way that is beneficial to both the person with anxiety, as well as the caregiver.

Nicky said: “Those who provide care to people suffering with anxiety often don’t see themselves as a carer, in fact this is why we have chosen to use the term ‘caregiver’ throughout this guide. Such caregivers offer a lifeline to a person living with an anxiety disorder with the support and care that they provide often going unrecognised. Additionally it is typically the case that through the ongoing provision of support, their own mental well-being needs are neglected. It is my hope that this guide will provide much needed support and information for caregivers of those with an anxiety disorder, as well as helping them to identify and prioritise their own mental well-being needs’.