Share your thoughts and experience of the effect of music on health and wellbeing

Music for Dementia and UK Music, the collective voice for the music industry, have joined forces on a ground-breaking nationwide project.

The Power of Music survey is focused on gaining a deeper insight into how music can play a more vital role in improving health and wellbeing, and they would like organisations and individuals to take part. Your opinions and involvement could help shape future government policy on this subject.

Questions include:

  • The role for music in improving care for those living with psychological and physical conditions
  • Barriers that might prevent greater partnership, and
  • What more could be done to support the use of music in health and wellbeing in care?

The survey is open until June 30th. You will not be required to leave any personal details, however Music for Dementia and UK Music would like to share the outcomes with the DCMS and DHSC, so organisational names would be very helpful.