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Forward Motion is an initiative that encourages people to think differently about the way they travel around South Essex. Forward Motion is funded by the Department of Transport. The goal is to reduce a reliance on cars and to get people to consider alternative travel options such as cycling, catching public transport or walking.

Thurrock CVS are funded by Forward Motion to connect with businesses and support them in their alternative travel plans for staff and advice and support businesses through the provision of information and resources on behalf of Forward Motion.

We can support businesses in accessing the following Forward Motion information and resources, and can work with businesses closely to ensure businesses and organisations are supporting sustainable travel.

  • Personal Travel plans for staff
  • Free cycling training for you and your staff
  • Walking workshop
  • Low cost bike loan scheme with an option to buy
  • Free bike racks for your organisation
  • Free bike maintenance
  • Information about local cycle clubs and routes
  • Travel policies and procedures to support your business

Do you know that:

Providing one car parking space costs an average of £400 per year.

Reducing congestion around your workplace can increase employee reliability and encourage active travel.

Cycling or walking to work may be easier and cheaper than a gym subscription.

Activities like walking or cycling before work improves physical and mental health.

Staff that are active are more creative, productive, alert, reduces tiredness and boosts memory function.

Cycling or walking can improve time management as there is no sitting in traffic jams – you control your journey time.

Car sharing schemes can build better teams and reduce cost to your organisation through mileage or car expenses.

What we can offer your business or organisation

Talk to staff about alternative transport – the health benefits and cost savings.

Provide promotional emails and marketing to encourage active transport and the Forward Motion scheme.

Support the development of policies and procedures.

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We are able to support your business in other areas of work and can help you connect better with local communities.

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