Organisational Development Support

Thurrock CVS provides information and development support for voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise sector charities. We work with groups/organisations to enhance and develop their confidence, leadership and skills to develop their capacity to provide services within the community. We’ve worked with many new and established organisations over the years so we have lots of experience in helping build strong, healthy foundations for their organisations.

We provide development support in one to one sessions.

We can also deliver help through training sessions, workshops and surgeries.

We can help with:

  • Setting up a new organisation
  • Choosing the right legal structure, including CIO (charitable incorporated organisation), a charitable company
  • Drafting a constitution or other governing document
  • Funding and sustainability
  • Writing a business plan
  • Registering as a charity and help with charity law
  • Roles and responsibilities of management committee members or trustees
  • Running your organisation well
  • Policies and procedures for staff and volunteers
  • Working with other organisations from building links to developing partnerships and mergers
  • Trading and generating income
  • Getting ready for commissioning
  • Issues around employing staff
  • Monitoring and evaluating what you are doing

This isn’t everything we do. If you’re not sure whether we can help, please do contact us. Even if we can’t help, we’ll probably know someone who can.

Organisational Health Check

An Organisational Health Check is a good place to start to ensure that not only are you providing the quality of service that meets your clients’ needs but you have all the necessary processes in place to ensure that the organisation is in good shape for the future and meeting legal requirements .

The health check can be used by organisations and groups that are setting up and those that are already established.

If you are setting up a new group, club or voluntary organisation you can use the health checklist to concentrate your planning on areas you should address from the start to ensure the success of your organisation.  If your group is already set up, you can use the health check to take stock and review your activities.  Either way the check can help you plan how you will manage any changes needed to become, or continue as, a successful and well-run organisation.  It will also help identify areas where you may need support.

If, having seen the health check, you are starting to panic, relax!  Some of the points may not be relevant to your organisation or group.  That’s fine.  The voluntary and community sector is so diverse that it is not possible to produce a health check that fits every organisation.  The usefulness of the health check is in encouraging discussion and highlighting areas that may need attention.  Use the health check flexibly and in a way that suits your organisation. 

If you would like advice and support throughout any stage of your organisations development please get in touch by emailing