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The Volunteer Centre is based in the Beehive, West Street, Grays.  We can help you find the right volunteer placement, whether this is formal or informal, structured or corporate.  

Volunteering is for everyone!

If you’re looking for volunteering ideas within your community, some options could include; helping out at a local food bank, volunteering at a community garden, participating in a neighborhood clean-up or joining a community group.

There are also many different types of formal volunteering opportunities you can get involved in to expand your skill set such as admin, health and social care, support services, driving roles, first aid at events and more.

Sign up as a volunteer at http://www.volunteeressex.org/register

If you’d like to discuss more about volunteering please contact: volunteer@ngagethurrock.org.uk

Volunteers can bring huge benefits to organisations and make a big difference.

We can help you to develop and promote your volunteering opportunities, whilst also providing additional information and support on volunteer management, training, policies and procedures.

Sign up as an organisation http://www.volunteeressex.org

Want to find out more? Come and visit us!

Contact us to make an appointment, where we can have an informal chat to answer any questions you may have about volunteering and to help us to learn about your interests so we can help to find the right placement that suits your lifestyle.

Call: 01375 389890

Email: volunteer@ngagethurrock.org.uk