Mission and Values

Our Vision Statement

That the voluntary and community sector will have a fully empowered and effective role in Thurrock

Our Mission

 To strengthen the sector with support, co-ordination, and representation through:

  1. Developing and promoting voluntary sector-led solutions, influencing policy decisions, to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of the residents of Thurrock.
  2. Providing a range of accessible, high-quality services around information, support, training, and advice to community groups and organisations in Thurrock.
  3. Bringing voluntary and community organisations together to share knowledge, promote best practice and co-ordinate activity and opinion. 

Our values

The CVS is an invaluable part of the provision of effective services to Thurrock’s most vulnerable and excluded communities.                   

That the CVS must maintain its independence in order to protect its ability to respond to the needs of the clients/customer’s and service users it is established to serve.

That collaborative working and networking within the VCS is an effective way of maximising limited resources and achieving a stronger collective voice for positive change.

That the breadth of work, wealth of knowledge and depth of experience contained within the CVS in Thurrock is an invaluable resource.