Working with Businesses

Thurrock CVS have more than 30 years’ experience working with communities and voluntary sector groups and organisations.

Over the years Thurrock CVS have forged strong relationships with various diverse communities, groups and residents. We can help you connect with communities in a number of ways that meets the needs of both the community and your business.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

If your business is looking at ways you can support your Corporate Social responsibility, then Thurrock CVS can help you.  We can support this in a numbers of ways, for example

  • Organising Fundraising events
  • Employee volunteering days
  • Connecting you to local charities and groups
  • Donating through Thurrock Giving
  • Donating and sharing resources with communities and the voluntary sector

Employee Supported Volunteering

We are able to offer opportunities for local businesses and the voluntary sector to take advantage of the many benefits that volunteering brings. We are able to link you and your employees up to opportunities to volunteer with local charities and community groups, for example

  • Make a Difference days as a team
  • Individual employee volunteering
  • Skills sharing between your business and the voluntary sector

Employer Supported Volunteering helps employees become more motivated and they can learn new skills to bring back to the workplace.

Community and Voluntary Sector Consultation

We can provide a professional competitive service in community consultation, engagement and feedback.

Our knowledge, approach and experience in consultation can ensure that community expectations are managed, and it enables local residents and businesses to fully understand and provide positive and constructive feedback.

Thurrock Giving

Thurrock Giving is a local fund that has supported individuals, organisations, community groups, sports clubs, dance troupes, gardening initiatives amongst other good causes, through donations generously supplied by businesses in Thurrock.

If you are looking at ways your business can support Thurrock communities give us a call today

If you are interested in finding out more about what we can offer your business or to be kept up to date with local opportunities for employee supported volunteering, please give us a call on 01375 389893

Helping you to share your skills or resources with Thurrock’s Voluntary & Community Sector

Does your business have skills it can offer to the Voluntary & Community Sector?

We are looking for local businesses who are willing to provide advice or practical support to voluntary sector colleagues and their organisations, for example HR, Comms & Marketing, Accountancy, Legal Advice etc.

In return your business can gain experience working with a charitable partner and gain an insight to the work they do with service users and build stronger relationships with the voluntary sector.  

In additional to this we would love to hear about any resources you may have such as Transport, Food, toiletries, Furniture, IT equipment, Office Furniture etc.

Let us know what skills or resources you want to share and we can do the rest.

Helping you to get to know your community

Our service can be tailored to the clients needs, which can help to provide a positive link between the services the clients provides and the people who use them.

We use a wide range of research and engagement techniques that help to provide an opportunity for clients to engage with communities, visitors or other users. This not only helps to improve community relations, but also offers an opportunity to understand and address wider community needs.

Our services include:

  • On street and doorstep quantitative interviews
  • Telephone interviews (Not cold calling)
  • Postal surveys
  • Online surveys
  • Citizen Panels
  • Focus groups and stakeholder workshops
  • Advice on how to target your audience and write your consultation

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership can be offered to businesses who fit within the criteria specified below and gives you the opportunities to connect with other charities and groups through Thurrock Giving, volunteering, skill sharing and much more. 


  • Raises funds for the charitable sector
  • Supports employee supported volunteering
  • Provide evidence of their commitment to or working or becoming a responsible business
  • Environmentally aware

Corporate membership can provide you

  • Knowledge of local needs and demographics – essential for understanding your consumer market
  • Ability to develop strong and trusting connections 
  • Knowledge or the local area – be involved and support staff who are also residents
  • Access to the wider community through media and networking – reducing your own marketing costs
  • Opportunities for recruitment through volunteer programmes – recruit locally, reduce travel costs, create community within your workplace
  • Increased brand marketing through association and support of local community
  • Enhanced reputation – supporting your community says a lot about your company’s ethics and values
Benefits for your Business
Increased staff skillsFulfilled, engaging experience for staff increasing morale
Improvement of staff recruitment and attentionHelps build strong teams
Effective, practical and noticeable investment in local communityImproved reputation and brand  management
Raise profile for existing or new customersNurture relationships with local community and services
Employee Supported Volunteering can be  arranged for your business on a formal basis providing a programme of activity or an informal agreement through our Business Community Facebook