Looking Back at Green Week Thurrock 2021

Article update shared by CeCe Luna

The team at Cece Luna have been interested in environmental issues for a long time now, and after taking part in The Climate Coalition’s ‘Show the Love’ Campaign in February we were made aware of their plans for the Great Big Green Week, from the 18th-26th September 2021, a national week of events celebrating action on climate change created by the Climate Coalition in the lead up to COP26 in Glasgow this November. During the week communities throughout the UK, came together to organise their own local Green Weeks and Climate Festivals during Great Big Green Week to raise awareness of the effects of climate change and what we can do as individuals to help.

We really wanted to have a Green Week in Thurrock to bring the climate crisis to the attention of the local community as well as to promote local people, businesses and groups that are doing their bit to help improve the situation.

During Green Week Thurrock members of the local community came together to celebrate and share their love for their local environment, by taking part in the Nature Photography Challenge, going on litter picks, getting crafty with recycled materials and visiting the first Green Week Thurrock Eco Fayre in Grays Town Park.

Throughout the summer, here at Cece Luna we have been working on a series of costumes called the Plastic Parade; a peaceful protest creatively highlighting the effects of plastic pollution. Each costume is created entirely from plastic packaging which would have otherwise gone to landfill because it is not currently recycled on the doorstep. We were delighted to be able to share the costumes in person at the Green Week Thurrock Eco Fayre as well as online on our social medias and blog.

We enjoyed working together with Hi Ching from the Thurrock Festival, Katie Sparks from the Refill Cabin, and Tina Holland from Friends of Grays Town Park, on the Eco Fayre and would like to say a huge thank you to each of them for helping make the first Green Week Thurrock a success!

“What a wonderful opportunity to be involved in organising the first Green Week Thurrock, thanks to Cece Luna’s inspired idea! The Eco Fayre had everyone come together in a great spirit of warmth and friendly support. I had a great time vox popping the participants for a video of the occasion. And I can’t believe that the Great Big Green Week, with which Green Week Thurrock is associated, featured my photo in their photography challenges! Everyone is already looking forward to the next event!”

Hi Ching | Creative Director | Thurrock Festival

“I enjoyed my day at Grays Town Park Eco Fayre as it was my first Eco get together with likeminded people. The day had a lovely atmosphere and great interactions between the different stall holders. Can’t wait for the next one and hopefully more eco-friendly businesses will emerge to join in the future.”

Katie Sparks | Refill Cabin

“It’s great seeing Grays Town Park being used for community events, especially when they are for our environment and how we can take care of it better.  I hope that everyone that came, not only enjoyed themselves but learnt something they could do that would help our natural environment.”

Tina Holland | Friends of Grays Town Park