Eat your Pumpkin and join the Pumpkin Rescue!

The Pumpkin Rescue

Looking for a scare this Halloween? Here goes: A terrifying 14.5 million pumpkins are expected to be left uneaten this Halloween, in the UK alone!  

3 in 5 people will buy at least one pumpkin this year (35 million pumpkins!) and just under half of those are set to go to waste. Why? Because after carving, many-a-pumpkin’s guts are simply thrown away. 

The #EatYourPumpkin Campaign

There are lots of delicious ways to eat your pumpkin – here are a few recipes to tuck into for inspiration, from a traditional pumpkin soup and roasted seeds for snacks, to a more adventurous coconut pumpkin cake, and even pumpkin kimchi!