Thurrock Neighbourhood Watch Crime prevention camp @ Aveley

Thurrock neighbourhood watch successfully held a Crime Prevention campaign at Parkside Aveley Football Club today (Saturday 30th October 2021) between 10:30 am to 1 pm. As a Guest Essex liaison officer Kevin Blake and Sergeant Neil Brand listened to the local issues with Thurrock NW Chairman Roger Passfield, Thurrock NW Little Thurrock Ward Co-ordinator Marion, TNW Purfleet Ward Co-ordinator Lisa and TNW Aveley & Upland Ward Co-ordinator Srikanth Panjala.

The main intention of conducting this campaign is to bring more awareness within the ward to bring more people together to make safer communities working with Essex Police. Thurrock Neighbourhood watch members and volunteers are firmly committed and continuously working throughout the year and trying to create safer communities with the support of Volunteer members and Essex police.

Srikanth Panjala TNW Aveley & Uplands Ward Co-ordinator discussed with Essex police about the ward, especially at new estates where nearly 500 families live. In 2016 and 2017, we went through serial home burglaries. As one of the victims, I have joined Thurrock NW in 2017 and started working for crime prevention through Thurrock NW for Aveley & uplands. We are so happy about the residents’ support and volunteers contributing their excellent cooperation in making everyone safe and comfortable from the home burglary crime. However, still, there are ASB and Vehicle crime cases that are regularly registered weekly and expressed concerns on behalf of residents.

Kevin Blake, Essex Liaison Officer, said, Great to see Thurrock Neighbourhood watch working in partnership with Essex Police to make our streets safer. The more people looking out for each other it will only make our local environment get that feel-good feeling back.

Before finishing the campaign, Thurrock NW members mentioned special thanks to Essex Police and the Aveley FC management for providing the space at no cost for the community work.

If you would like to get involved in Thurrock Neighbourhood Watch, contact the team via the Essex Neighbourhood Watch website or Roger Passfiel, Chair TNW Ph: 07538195221

Aveley & Uplands Ward Co-ordinator Srikanth Panjala on 07878044041.