Introducing our new Community Builder for Chadwell st Mary and Tilbury

Thurrock recently recruited a new Community Builder! A warm welcome to Eira!

“My name is Eira and I have recently been appointed as the Thurrock Community and Voluntary Service (TCVS) Community Builder for Chadwell St Mary and Tilbury, which is a newly created role and has a community-based focus. I am keen to learn more about the experiences of residents, organisations and businesses within Chadwell St Mary and Tilbury including their perspectives on the various issues currently affecting individuals and organisations.

“I am particularly interested in any existing community-based programs and how I can help support potential community outreach endeavours or projects. I would also love to hear about any positives, such as good news stories and recent achievements, which I may be able to promote.

“As someone born and raised in Thurrock I know that we have an amazing history and very strong community values of which we can be proud, and I’m looking forward to us working together to combine our resources and build upon our strengths so as we can go on to achieve the ever greater things of which we are capable.”

Please feel free to contact me anytime:

Tel: 07984788032


Or stop by at the Chadwell and Tilbury Hubs on the following days/times:

Chadwell Hub:

Tues     (10am -12pm)

Thurs    (3pm – 5pm)

Tilbury Hub:

Mon      (10am – 12pm)

Weds    (3pm – 5pm)

* Excluding Bank Holidays and Christmas week.