Updates from our latest ‘Let’s Talk’ Meeting

2nd February 2022


We were joined by 22 Attendees, which included members of the voluntary sector, charities and community groups in Thurrock.

  • Spotlight

Thurrock Association of Forums TAF is the coming together of active Forums in Thurrock.

Kim Towlson Chair

Community Forums are independent community groups which bring together local residents, councillors, voluntary groups, businesses and service providers such as doctors, schools, police etc. 

There are 15 active Forums in Thurrock, all helping their members to be more involved in decisions affecting their locality, including where delegated funding can be directed to be most effective.  Forums are also able to apply for grants themselves or organise fundraising initiatives, to undertake projects to enhance their area. Having a Community Forum gives your area a voice.

Thurrock Council and partner agencies use Forums to enable them to consult the community and address issues more effectively.

Forum contact details and meeting dates can be found at https://strongertogetherthurrock.org.uk/thurrock-community-forums/

  • Funding Update-

Essex Community Foundation (ECF) Guest speaker Andy Payne Worpole

ECF provides vital funding to local voluntary and community organisations in Essex through donations from individuals, companies, charitable trusts and public agencies.  ECF looks to fund organisations with a charitable purpose, who have a shared decision making proves of 3 non related individuals, who can know their communities and what they need.

The average size of awards is £7k, last year ECF provided 33 grants to organisations in Thurrock worth £167,000.

If groups have an idea they are encouraged to contact ECF to discuss their idea using the CHAT NOW button on the website, Call on 01245 356018, Book a time slot to speak with a grants officer book a general time slot here or E-mail at grants@essexcf.org.uk.

Andy discussed in more depth Arts Council England Let’s Create Jubilee Fund which is open 28.2.22.

Presentation will be made available

  • Training Update

Dementia Friends 3.2.22

Safeguarding 22.2.22

Writing Successful Applications 31.3.22

Further details can be found at https://thurrockcvs.org/training-opportunities/

TCVS and Thurrock Community Adult College are currently discussing development of Level 1 Volunteering Qualification that will be free to all volunteers in Thurrock

  • Introduction to Constellations which is a pilot community podcast project

Constellations- a podcast connecting charities, communities & causes in the Essex unitaries of Thurrock & Southend. More details and how to get involved https://www.constellations-podcast.org/

  • Warm Start project Family Energy Advisor Citizens Advice South Essex Karen Livermore

Can support with Better Payment Plans, Income maximisation, Better Tariffs, Support with PIP/ DLA forms, Energy Grant Forms, Essential Living Fund.  For more details and to make referral email Klivermore@citizensadvicesouthessex.org (you can expect a response within 3 working days)

  • AOB – Membership renewal

The Hamlet Story.  Workshops that bring together people who are interested in being involved and developing a play that looks at aspects of life which are common to us all: wanting to meet the expectations of our parents, the pain of love, desire for revenge, intransigence, regret, hopelessness and acceptance of who we are. No auditions, no limit on age or number of participants. No barriers. For more details or to get involved mikeyspen@btinternet.com.

Healthwatch Thurrock– Ellie Wright introduced herself and 2 consultations that are going on at the moment

Non-emergency hospital transport services! You can follow this link to Go to the survey or alternatively you can call 01375 389883

How you have found accessing dental care in Thurrock. Please follow the link to complete the short survey. Go to the Survey.  Alternatively you can call 01375 389883.

Thurrock Carers Strategy will be going through a refresh in the near future please contact Thurrock Healthwatch to get involved email admin@healthwatchthurrock.org  or call 01375 389883

The Next ‘Let’s Talk meeting’ will be taking place on 30.3.22 Planned Guest speakers Dale Kerr, SNAP Autism Awareness and Healthwatch Thurrock Ellie Wright.